Are you, YOU?

It was a peaceful but unrecognizable neighborhood. I stood in the middle of a well-paved road, on a tree-lined street. Dim yard lamps flickered as people strolled along clean sidewalks and cars eased past. Arms went up in happy waves of familiarity…but none toward me.

I marveled at a star-cluttered sky overhead. How serene a place, I thought.

It was the blip that initially caught my eye. A shimmering light that grew larger in size as it moved toward Earth. I shook my head from side to side. Was I seeing things? A huge, glowing triangular craft was trying to fit itself into the underside of an even larger phosphorescent disc a mere two-thousand feet above our heads!

I pointed and shouted for everyone to look. They didn’t. People jogged or walked by as if I were a phantom. I waved my arms like a fool and screamed. “Loooook!!!!” Nothing.

Captivated, I stared at the objects again until they ‘locked together’ and formed one oversized sky sphere. From my periphery, I saw a man walk over and stand beside me.

I pointed up at the craft and he said, “I see them…”

It was a voice I recognized, an old friend I’d known for decades but hadn’t seen in years.

I glanced over at him. “Damn, he looks good,” I thought. Rested and radiant…younger than I remember. Then it occurred to me; this man had recently died…it was a ‘peaceful passing’ his daughter had told me three days ago.

“Do you remember when we used to watch paranormal videos every Friday night at my place?” He asked.

I nodded. “I couldn’t wait to get off work and get to your house so we could sit down to pizza and popcorn.”

I felt deeply peaceful as I stood next to him.

“We always wanted to see UFO’s,” he said. “Remember when we’d sit on the roof of my house at night and look for them?”


“Never thought we’d see real UFO’s together but here we are…”

He smiled at me. I smiled back.

“Is it really you?” I asked. “I mean, are you, YOU?”

“I’m better,” he said.

“So, being dead isn’t the end?”

“It’s the beginning…”

Then he was gone. And so too, the UFO’s.

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