B.A. Crisp has forged a path marked by innovation, empathy, and an unyielding commitment to make a difference.

Crisp’s literary portfolio is as meaningful as her advocacy work. Her Amazon #1 bestseller, “Red Bird,” stands as a testament to her storytelling prowess, followed by the captivating novel “X Point,” and her much-anticipated third book, “Emergent”.

In her versatile career, Crisp has acted as an advisor for private contractors in national security and served as a Psychiatric Assessment Specialist, helping implement and test mental
health-based diagnostic software. As a former vetted volunteer with a SWFL County Sheriff’’s Office, she’s been on the frontline of the battle against human trafficking.

As a former ward of the court and foster child, Crisp’s personal journey from adversity to triumph is inspiring. Her life is a testament of sincere and genuine resonance, which courses
through her work, her advocacy, and her life.

Her legacy, isn’t about the accolades or titles she’s earned, but in the lives she continues to impact, the minds she has opened, and the positive change she continues to inspire.

B.A. Crisp’s personal story and best-selling books, remind us that no matter the obstacles we face, with courage, determination, and the drive to thrive, we can reshape our destiny.

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“In this book, B.A. Crisp takes you on a journey like nothing
else I have ever experienced. Her beautiful Buddhist undertones
are matched with a disarming humor and the undeniably
indomitable spirit of a survivor. Through her journey, she
explores with us love, success, failure, positives and negatives of
coercion, fear and ultimately–enlightenment (ideally).
B.A.’s manuscript came to me at a pivotal moment in my
life—I am retiring from the Air Force…”
–Colonel Aupke, USAF (Ret.)

In this chaotic and fast-paced world, it is easy to lose sight of our true selves amid noise and distractions. But deep within, a lotus awaits—ready to bloom and reveal the essence of who we are. Loosen Your Lotus is a captivating journey of self-discovery and inner peace, a guide to help you embrace life’s complexities and find opportunities in every moment—even if those moments are tough.

Embark on a transformative adventure that opens your heart and offers innovative ideas for a life of purpose. Through exceptional insights and practical wisdom, this book challenges and empowers you to embrace life’s enigmas and find serenity. Let this book be your guide as you journey toward a life of boundless love and fulfillment. The lotus awaits your touch—unlock its potential, your path to peace, and the secret cosmic light that shines within you.

A portion of the proceeds from Loosen Your Lotus is donated to: https://themilieux.org/

Quanta Chronicles


When Science & the Sacred Collide


Camaeliphim: rare breed of celestial beings assigned to Earth, tasked with battling the treacherous Bezaliels to preserve multiversal harmony.

Dr. Samantha Ryan Blake isn’t just any Camaeliphim; she’s a hybrid, a fusion of celestrial and terrestrial bloodlines.

Born of a human mother and a off-world father, her life took a turn for the mysterious when she was suddenly placed in foster care.

Hidden behind the shadows of a covert U.S. ‘MILAB’ located beneath a nuclear testing facility, Sam underwent secretive experiments.

She survived and emerged with Top-Secret SCI clearances as a ‘silent secreter’ and soon realized her preordained role as the first hybrid Balancer.

Dr. Blake’s latest mission, bestowed by the mysterious Ebians, is her most daunting yet.

Samantha must confront and cast Raga, the formidable Bezaliel queen into the Source Vortex, after she takes form on Earth. This is the very beast responsible for shattering her family, ending the lives of her colleagues, and who may eerily be linked to a daughter Samantha has never met.

Joining her in this perilous quest is an elite squad of special ops — a diverse team composed of humans, hybrids, and otherworldly allies.

Together, they journey into the uncharted realms of crypto-terrestrial zones. The objective? To quell a threat so profound that even the mighty Ormian Council is unsure if they’ll succeed.

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Angus Robinson
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Angus Robinson
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Samantha Ryan Blake is no ordinary being: part celestrial warrior and part human, she embarks on a monumental quest to mend harmony on Earth amidst an inter-dimensional conflict.

Beyond the physical battles, she grapples with dark matter shadows lurking in her psyche.

“Red Bird” masterfully weaves action, fantasy, and science fiction into a tapestry of adventure.

A must-read,” praises Marissa Cleveland, NY Times Best-Selling Author.

Portions of proceeds from the sale of Red Bird is donated to help combat human trafficking at Path2Freedom.org https://www.path2freedom.org