• Loosen Your Lotus!
    by BA Crisp Elevated Living & Holistic Integration: Embracing a Life of Peace and Purpose In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. It’s even harder to find genuine moments of peace. For … Read more
  • Unraveling the Mysteries at Maple Dale Farm
    By BA Crisp In the quiet countryside outside Monroeville, Ohio, lies Maple Dale Farm—a seemingly ordinary place. But it has a hidden side. As a foster child, I grappled with trauma here while simultaneously navigating unexplainable sightings … Read more
  • Mystical Meteora
    by B.A. Crisp Meteora, with its towering pillars and ancient monasteries, is a place of great metaphysical and spiritual significance. Located in Central Greece, it inspires countless legends and beliefs. Moreover, visitors drawn to the area, say … Read more
  • The Day of & after Nikola Tesla’s Death
    The day before and after Nikola Tesla’s death, a group of mysterious people showed up. Who were they and what did they want?
  • Ohio’s Forgotten Tesla: Stanley Meyer, Free Energy, and Murder?
    Ohioan Stanley A. Meyer is alleged to have invented a water fuel cell, a technical design of a “perpetual motion machine” whereby a car could run on water instead of gasoline. In fact, Meyer held a host of … Read more
  • An Open Letter to Soul Seeker: Their Life is not Your Journey
    Dear “Soul Seeker”, Life will be confusing–but there is clarity. Life can be difficult–but rest does arrive. Life is sometimes lonely–yet we’re surrounded with love if we CHOOSE to accept it. I am only able to imagine … Read more
  • The Bizarre Mr. Lazar
    Bob Lazar, an engineer with a gift for propulsion systems, claims he was hired in the late 1980’s to reverse-engineer extraterrestrial technology, at a secret site called “S-4” located about fifteen miles from Area 51.  While there, Lazar claims he was … Read more
  • We are Star Stuff
    Why the fear? It is but a weed that chokes courage, stunts personal growth and prevents the true self from taking root. Come out from behind your labels. Stop hiding behind discomfort, computers, and pretense. Banish your … Read more
  • Are you, YOU?
    It was a peaceful but unrecognizable neighborhood. I stood in the middle of a well-paved road, on a tree-lined street. Dim yard lamps flickered as people strolled along clean sidewalks and cars eased past. Arms went up … Read more
  • Weird Encounters of the Rare Kind:
    An Unofficial and Unauthorized Explanation of ‘Unidentified Ariel Phenomena’ High above our skies and deep within the folds of our best imagination, hovers the UFO. Somewhere on this planet, strange objects appear in our airspace almost daily, … Read more
  • What Happened to Mom?
    As a kid, my mom was a source of fascination and fear. I’d stare in awe when she sang, long sequin gown sparkling, me peering from behind backstage curtains while she belted out songs throughout Ohio’s nightclubs … Read more
  • Red Bird Spirit
    Cultures throughout the globe use symbolism to help describe and understand spiritual truths, including the Red Bird. As a kid, I didn’t understand what my cardinal sightings meant and I didn’t have the intelligence to ponder signs … Read more
  • Extraterrestrials Send Message to Nikola Tesla
    “We are all one…Science too, recognizes this connectedness of separate individuals, though not quite in the same sense as it admits that the suns, planets and moons of a constellation are one body, and there can be … Read more
  • Nikola Tesla’s Dark Matters
    Nikola Tesla Inventor and ET Communicator by B.A. Crisp Ever wonder what Nikola Tesla was really doing? Turns out, he was creating death rays, time transporters, and invisibility cloaks. But what if Tesla’s true passion was free? … Read more
  • Tick-Tock
    A blanket of death warms her feet. Only Grandfather knows the moment: Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. Alive but not living, she waits. Memories float like autumn leaves, twirling on the wind. Gliding tranquility of twilight. Calls to a … Read more
  • The Chosen Child of the Marcahuasi Plateau
    “Dr. Olivia, come quick!” Andre yells into the subterranean chamber. Dr. Olivia Seaton studies a recent find of carvings—beasts never known to have lived in this high region of Peru called the Marcahuasi plateau, an intriguing and … Read more
  • The Guru & The Student
    The Master lifts the hem of his orange robes and feels the soft grass beneath his feet as he makes his way toward Eido, who stands ankle deep in the river waving at him —smiling brightly enough … Read more
         Red Bird visits her again—the same red bird she remembered guarding her passage through the womb and the same red bird that appeared to her as a child when hands of evil sometimes covered her. Those … Read more
         A golden orange sun melts behind the plains of Africa as we sit before a fire Nimbu has prepared. Cinnamon, cloves and coriander simmer our lamb sacrifice into tender acquiescence, softly bubbling in a worn black … Read more
  • Daisy & the “Regulars”
         Daisy loves the coffee shop. She walks a few steps, wobbling on summer heels as she balances a steamy, teeny porcelain cup of overpriced espresso, even though she prefers cheap black coffee from her favorite chipped … Read more
  • All That Glitters
           “Take that one,” Evelyn orders.       “Which one?” I ask.       “The one in the case next to the woman wearing the blue scarf.”       “Why that one? It’s the most expensive one in the store … Read more
  • Eido & The Master
    The  Master & The Student By B.A. Crisp The Master lifts the hem of his orange robes as plush green grass cushions his aching feet. Ah, so soft, he thinks. He makes his way toward Eido, who stands … Read more
    Inspired by a true story      From his seat Dan watched the other deputies and waited for briefing to end. It had been a long night of police calls in Immokalee—a sixteen-hour swing shift of domestic disputes, … Read more
  • I Have a Crush. It’s Not my Husband. I Blame #TheWeek
    I’ll admit it. I have a problem. The Week. It’s the “Best of U.S. and International Media” that arrives at our office, compliments of a colleague. Once I spy a copy, I disappear into the comfort of my favorite coffee shop and devour its contents, savoring each morsel of news as if it were fine chocolate—or a forbidden Playboy. Yes, The Week, is that good!