B.A. Crisp

Removed from her parents care at a young age, BA Crisp lived with her grandfather; an electrical subcontractor curiously employed at one of the largest nuclear reactor testing facilities in the U.S. She inherited his passion for science, electricity, and the supernatural. She was later remanded as a ward of the court and foster child (the county wasn’t a fan of her grandfather’s rebel philosophy or his love of scotch). Years later, she lived with her “father” on a remote Ohio farm, where Crisp explored the forests and fields, reading, writing, and daydreaming. She also admired the birds she most loves- cardinals.

Crisp barely graduated from high school, and later learned that the man she thought was her father, was not. She floundered for years, toiling in a series of dead-end jobs and bad decisions, until a friend of her grandfather located her in a pub. He encouraged her to earn a bachelors degree at Ursuline College, where she graduated Summa cum laude. She followed that with becoming co-valedictorian of George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management in 2013. She’d eventually matriculate at both the London School of Journalism and Oxford University’s Exeter College International Summer Students writing program, where she earned high marks for writing.