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Loosen Your Lotus!

by BA Crisp Elevated Living & Holistic Integration: Embracing a Life of Peace and Purpose In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. It’s even harder to find genuine moments of peace. For example, we often compare ourselves to others, especially through the highly filtered lens of social media.  Furthermore, when […]

Unraveling the Mysteries at Maple Dale Farm

By BA Crisp In the quiet countryside outside Monroeville, Ohio, lies Maple Dale Farm—a seemingly ordinary place. But it has a hidden side. As a foster child, I grappled with trauma here while simultaneously navigating unexplainable sightings and paranormal experiences. I invite you into this strange world, one of spiritual beings, floating spheres, white Bigfoot, […]

Ohio’s Forgotten Tesla: Stanley Meyer, Free Energy, and Murder?

Ohioan Stanley A. Meyer is alleged to have invented a water fuel cell, a technical design of a “perpetual motion machine” whereby a car could run on water instead of gasoline. In fact, Meyer held a host of patents, having applied for about two-hundred thousand of them. But it was his water fuel cell that may […]

Are you, YOU?

It was a peaceful but unrecognizable neighborhood. I stood in the middle of a well-paved road, on a tree-lined street. Dim yard lamps flickered as people strolled along clean sidewalks and cars eased past. Arms went up in happy waves of familiarity…but none toward me. I marveled at a star-cluttered sky overhead. How serene a […]

Red Bird Spirit

Cultures throughout the globe use symbolism to help describe and understand spiritual truths, including the Red Bird. As a kid, I didn’t understand what my cardinal sightings meant and I didn’t have the intelligence to ponder signs or symbols. All I knew at the time was I was a ‘ward of the court’, a foster […]