We are Star Stuff

Photo: B.A. Crisp/Moon with Palm

Why the fear? It is but a weed that chokes courage, stunts personal growth and prevents the true self from taking root. Come out from behind your labels. Stop hiding behind discomfort, computers, and pretense. Banish your awkward.

But there I find it, the kernel of my problem: The more I try to cut back the vines of negativity, the more it takes root, little tendrils of doubt snaking through my mind and social media, creeping over my heart, dragging sadness along, like a poisonous mold that cloaks the soul in darkness.

But not so fast!

I’ve learned to embrace this fear–to hold it tenderly in my mind’s eye as observer rather than reactionary. I speak softly into Fear’s hidden folds, examine its origins, and use it as fertilizer for my creativity…and sometimes I just ‘let it go’, release it toward the night sky.

I smile, pet the cat, breathe in…then out…

I thank the Creator, the Source, God, for our being made in such a wondrous image, the stuff of stars. I blow a kiss to the moon and bid the world goodnight.

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