Nikola Tesla’s Dark Matters

ba crisp on Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Inventor and ET Communicator

by B.A. Crisp

Ever wonder what Nikola Tesla was really doing? Turns out, he was creating death rays, time transporters, and invisibility cloaks. But what if Tesla’s true passion was free? Tesla was obsessed with free energy, provided by the cosmos, and likely harnessed its power. Could his truth be ‘out there’? Join me as we explore the strange and ‘spooky’ side of Nikola Tesla. . . .

Tesla’s Quirks

Not many deny that Tesla met with hard fought success. He also renounced fortune. He believed free energy exists (along with anti-gravity), and should be available for everyone. But Tesla had quirks too; he loathed pearls, and believed the numbers 3, 6, and 9, held keys to the universe. Additionally, he claimed to have intercepted E.T. messages, and communicated with otherworldly beings. Initially valued by big business and government, Tesla’s genius was eventually viewed as a threat to power and profit.

Missing Tesla Files

Sadly, Tesla died January 7th, 1943, in the New Yorker Hotel (Room 3327 & 3328 on the 33rd Floor) in New York City at the age of 83 (or 86). Cause of death: coronary thrombosis. What’s interesting is that the Office of Alien Property immediately confiscated over 6,000 of Tesla’s files and classified them “Top Secret”. Tesla’s most important work on free energy and laser technology, taken from this room, eventually landed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Dayton, Ohio.

The Westinghouse Connection

Consequently, the government claimed Tesla died penniless. It’s unlikely. He received a lump sum payment of $216k or roughly $5.4 million in today’s money, from Westinghouse, thanks to his invention of alternating current. Westinghouse covered Tesla’s bills ‘for the rest of his life’ too.

As a contractor with the US government’s military program for nuclear energy (e.g. The Nuclear Navy), Westinghouse developed commercial nuclear energy systems, for electric power generation. Moreover, Westinghouse was actually owned by Electricite de France (EDF). EDF was a long-time licensee of Westinghouse nuclear technology and sold Westinghouse to Viacom, a multi-media company with governmental ties. Buried in the paperwork, Tesla was considered one its biggest assets.

Tesla’s Tower

Accordingly, Tesla built a  “Tesla Tower”, a 185-foot high structure with a 65-foot copper dome transmitter on top, hoping to transmit unlimited, free, wireless electricity around the globe. Financier J.P. Morgan became so excited about Tesla’s work, he gave him money to build Wardenclyffe Laboratory in Shoreham, long Island. But then Morgan realized he’d loose too much power and profit to free energy and defunded the project.  

Afterward, Tesla lived his final days under constant surveillance because he tried and failed to sell a “death ray” invention to multiple governments, at the height of World War II. Indeed, Tesla claimed this invention could stop armies and decimate fleets of warships. In spite of this, he also called it a weapon of peace. In fact, the rumor Tesla was “in love” with a pigeon likely started as government propaganda to severely discredit his genius and his death ray. Alternatively, the truth is more probable: Tesla used pigeons as carriers to send undetected messages to anti-American spies because he felt trapped.

The DOE Steps In…

Moreover, research on Tesla’s free energy technology turned up at the Department of Energy, which shared Tesla’s classified papers with preferential private companies. These contractors studied Tesla’s research, which led to GPS, smart phones, and blue tooth technology. Consequently, deep government usually only shares new technology with public consumers years after the technology becomes obsolete for unacknowledged, highly classified, government projects.  

Tesla was a brilliant mind, one of the most underrated in history. Tesla’s hope to provide free energy failed. Perhaps this was because the U.S. government and its private contractors feared free energy would result in a loss of power. Sadly, Tesla died misunderstood and alone. Fortunately, others continue his work. And we may one day, see his dream of free energy, come true. Read “X Point” by B.A. Crisp for more information about this amazing man and his incredible discoveries.

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