An Open Letter to Soul Seeker: Their Life is not Your Journey

Dear “Soul Seeker”,

Life will be confusing–but there is clarity.

Life can be difficult–but rest does arrive.

Life is sometimes lonely–yet we’re surrounded with love if we CHOOSE to accept it.

I am only able to imagine the pain you feel. But your life is not over.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

It is human to want more for yourself and it is even more human to feel that others supersede you with achievements. But we all have a story–and the online fairytales you read within a few lines of attention-seeking posts often censor the struggle, heartache, and insecurity of your fellow humans.

The level of suffering around and inside of us can appear and feel overwhelming. It is unpleasant to live in a state of discomfort. Humans handle this in different ways. Some turn to substance or domestic abuse. Some shop too much. Others overeat, watch too much social media, or get lost in a job.

It takes courage to confront your inner suffering. It is only when it is understood that it can be overcome.

Be kind to yourself.

You’re an amazing person and there is no else in all the world like you.

All my best,

B.A. Crisp

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